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Enayah Consultancy Services

Our activity includes all types of real estate:

Apartments of all types: Smart apartments, Duplex, Penthouse, Home offices, Luxury or cheap…

Villas of all types: We have detached villas and joint, villas overlooking the sea, villas in installments, and villas for investment…

Shops: We also have good options from offices, shops, and stores, in vital areas, ready and under construction.

Lands: For those who want to own and invest lands, we offer many lands options for construction and agriculture.

Enayah Consultancy focuses on three types of projects:

New projects: We advise investors of the new properties

·         They have better and more beautiful advantages in terms of building quality.

·         Modern systems are not available in old projects.

·         More Profitability when they are under construction, or in an area that is booming,

·         Transfer of ownership is guaranteed, As well as the delight of living in a new property.

 Complexes: We recommend ownership in the complexes, for their social services and sports and entertainment, and green areas, parking, and guard system … not available in normal buildings.

 Major investments: We encourage investors of “The positive Raise” in the budget, in the sense that the higher the budget, the better the profit will be.


Enayah Consultancy services: from the airport until receiving the property

Before buying

·         Reception from the airport to the hotel.

·         Assistance in choosing the place of residence.

After sales

We have a specialized team to follow up procedures:

·         Title deed.

·         Receiving the property and verifying its conformity with the contract.

·         Extracting and obtaining a residence permit.

·         Opening a bank account.

·         Preparing the property and its accessories for use (Decor, furniture, water, gas, and electricity).

·         Management of the property: rent, resale (as desired) – follow up taxes, fees, and invoices for the property.

·         Note: Most of our services are free. 

Why Enayah Consultancy?

·         The company only deals with the only (trusted) construction companies, and projects with the government guarantee.

·         Has business agreements with many Real estate projects in Turkey.

·         Through its experience and extensive relationships, it guides investors with better options based only on trust. 

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